Thursday, January 3, 2013

American Gods

American Gods, written by Neil Gaiman, is an adult novel. It has a very complex plot. The writing is extremely detailed and descriptive. The details fit together as smoothly as puzzle pieces to create a beautiful closure at the end.
Our protagonist, Shadow, is in prison. He keeps persevering through his three years' sentence because he knows he has something to look forward to at the end- his wife, Laura. He promises himself that he will keep his head down and stay out of trouble. However, when he finally leaves prison, he will discover a wildly different reality from the idyllic little world he expected to inhabit with his friends and family.
American Gods is a book about just that-- gods-- lost in America, starved for attention, care, love, and belief. When war breaks out it will be left to Shadow to unearth many hidden truths and to finally discover the final deception that has convinced them all.
I personally enjoyed reading American Gods and would recommend it, although it was an extremely adult book.