Sunday, September 28, 2014

First College Interview

So today was my first college interview (of four). I Skyped my interviewer for Carleton College. The interview has reassured me that Carleton deserves its place as one of my top-choice schools.

Talking to my interviewer makes the college sound amazing, and I would love to go there. The weather includes snow, they have a strong outdoors club, a strong quiz bowl, a great liberal arts education, good opportunities for the science-oriented, and, probably most uniquely, the Dacie Moses House, where you can always come in and bake some cookies.

Strangely enough, my interviewer also mentioned that baking (chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies, to be specific) was a stress-reliever for her; I suppose I'm not as weird as I thought. I'm really excited to be applying to Carleton, and I hope I will be accepted.

Next up: Interview for MIT