Sunday, May 6, 2012

Beaches: A love/hate relationship

I have a complicated relationship with beaches.

Reasons to hate:
1. Jellyfish - For one reason, they float around in the water where they are basically invisible, but are out to kill you. For a second reason, they wash up on the shore and die so that you are happily walking along and then realize you almost stepped in a jellyfish. Jellyfish make two reasons to hate beaches; they are outright detestable.
3. Sand - It's everywhere, including inside your swimsuit. Some sand will inevitably come home with you.
4. Sharks, rays, and live water creatures - Sharks may not venture into shallow water, but their babies do. Rays also live underwater. There are all sorts of monstrous creatures living underwater that you don't want to run into.
5. UUO's - Have you ever stepped on some unidentified underwater object? Maybe it was a piece of seaweed. Maybe it was some sort of live mollusk. Maybe it is a giant clam that is now going to close on your foot! I really don't like that you can't see what you're stepping on.

Reasons to Love:
1. Scenery - Beaches always have beautiful sunsets. There are always wonderful views of the ocean and the waves.
2. Ghost Crabs - Going hunting for ghost crabs is a ton of fun. It's always one of my favorite things to do at the beach.
3. Sand - Sand may be everywhere, but it's fun to play in.
This is what I did on my most recent beach trip. It is a tribute to the Nazca lines of South America.
4. Vacation - When you're at the beach, you're on vacation. That means relaxation, not work. I like being able to do fun stuff, instead of work or school.
5. Shells - I love collecting shells. There are so many different colors and shapes. Some people enjoy identifying their shells; I just like to find the prettiest ones.

So far, it's a tie. How do you feel about the beach?