Monday, May 18, 2015

A Goodbye to MSMS

Well, I graduate on Saturday. Mostly, I'm feeling pretty sad about it. I'm leaving behind a whole two years of my life and all the people who were a part of that. I just don't know if college can live up to this.

MSMS and Scouts (both Venturing and Girl Scouting) have been the main influences on my life for the last two years, so college, where these things will not be ever-present, is going to be really strange.

It's amazing to me how I will have friends scattered all over the world so soon. Many of my classmates stay in state, saving money and helping to fulfill the MSMS mission of enriching the state in a more immediate way. I know people going to schools like Yale, Harvard, Cornell, MIT, UC Berkeley, Amherst College, and other schools all over the states. I also have friends who have chosen unique educational opportunities like Deep Springs College or the Minerva Project. A few students even go to college in other countries as well. It's scary and wonderful how we will be scattered. We will all be very separated, but I will also know people all over the place.

I plan to attend Carleton College in the fall, and I am considering a biology major, but won't have to declare my major until sophomore year. I will also work this summer at Philmont Scout Ranch.

To future MSMS students, all I can really offer is my best wishes and a few bits of advice you didn't ask for. In no particular order:
1. Work hard.
2. Take advantage of the opportunities you are offered.
3. Recognize when you need help, and ask for it.
4. Don't do anything stupid.
5. Don't forget to have fun and enjoy every moment, because you don't get any of them back.

I know a lot of people have helped me to reach where I am now: teachers, mentors, Scout leaders, friends, parents, family, and so on, so thank you to all of them. I couldn't have done it without you.

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