Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bowdoin Interview

So I just finished with my interview for Bowdoin. I would love to go off to college in Maine; I know they get snow there! I was able to tour Bowdoin last summer, so I did not have as many questions to ask as I did about Carleton, but I was still able to get a few answers.
It was good to hear what my interviewer said about food allergies. I am only mildly gluten and dairy intolerant, but it is still important that I am able to eat at college. Also, not only did she say that her largest introductory level class was around ninety to one hundred people, but she said that her professor made an effort to know people's names and interests.
She seemed curious about MSMS--she said she had done some research on the school before my interview. The college admissions process has made me think about just how lucky I am that MSMS exists the way it does today, and that I am here.

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