Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Philmont Scout Ranch Staff 2015, Update #3

Ladybugs really love the tops of peaks
A fellow I met in Base Camp
Not sure who built this
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The conservation department acted like they were really happy with their article, which made me glad. It's good to know that someone likes to read what I've been writing. I feel like a lot of the stuff we write is fluffy because there's not a lot going on and when anything major does happen, it's not going to be put in a weekly newspaper.

Sunday we hiked Shaeffer's Peak. It's not a very impressive peak, but it has a nice view, and it was a pleasant hike (especially starting from the Lover's Leap Turnaround instead of Base Camp). Monday we visited the Chase Ranch and Terra Java Books, which sells almost all of the books in the store for $2. At the Chase, we learned a few cool facts, like that the heart brand was bought from the Rich family (of Rich Cabins) for $1 and some valuables, and that only women did the branding. The plans for the Ranch are exciting-- that will be a really cool place in the future.

The upcoming PhilNews is focused on the Order of the Arrow. The issue I'm working on right now focuses on history, in this case, the Museums department. Next week, I will be the backcountry writer and visit PJ, Beaubien, Apache Springs, and Fish Camp. I'm ready to get into the backcountry a little more and actually visit some of the backcountry staffed camps, especially if I want to consider applying for backcountry staff next year.

Edit: Read PhilNews Issue 2 here.

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