Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Philmont Scout Ranch Staff 2015, Update #4 - Flash Flooding

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Here's the links if you haven't heard:“~/link.aspx?_id=C4971E900D924B83B09ACBA4585D37B8&_z=z

Also, here's how you can help out.
1- Monetary Donations: 
2- Care Packages:
Packages can contain candy, snack foods, thank you notes, encouragement, morale boosting items, etc.
Departments/staffed camps to send to:
Indian Writings
Metcalf Station
Dean Cow
Head of Dean
Rich Cabins
Ranger Department
Philmont Training Center Staff
Backcountry Warehouse

The packages will get out faster if you put the name of Dept and send to Philmont Post Office so put this address:
Philmont Scout Ranch
Attn: [Department] - Flood Relief
47 Caballo Road
Cimarron, NM 87714

Edit: Read Issue 7 (Flood Issue) here.

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