Thursday, November 12, 2015

Looking Towards Winter Term

I registered for my classes Tuesday night. I'm pretty excited I get to finally take some biology again, although I'm worried this may be a more chemistry-heavy part of biology, which has never been my favorite. (Also the labs are four hours long; that's a really long time!) I also registered for the second term of French with my same professor. My third class is Literature of the American South, which is a Writing Rich course; it should be interesting reading and discussion, but I hope the writing part doesn't murder me. All of the new professors seem to have a good track record based on other students' experiences.
I'll be working in Mail Services next term instead of the Post Office. There is a possibility that the two may be combined once we get to Spring Term. For now, though, I've heard that Mail Services is a good opportunity to work on homework. I may need it; I'll have a Writing Rich course and a lab course in the same term.
We still haven't seen any legitimate snow yet, but they are already beginning to setup the ice skating rinks on The Bald Spot. We probably won't see those actually functional until Winter Term.
Now I just have to make it through the rest of ninth week and tenth week, and then I get to go home for Winter Break (and SeaBase)!

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