Friday, July 26, 2013

Day -1

Hardeman County, Texas
Monty at the rest stop
Today was another day of travel. We stopped at an interesting rest area in Texas that had displays with information about the area. However, we had to continue. Once we entered New Mexico, the miles seemed interminable. We just wanted to get there.
Map of the volcano's trails
At Capulin Volcano National Monument, we met up with the remainder of our advisers. They had already gone ahead to New Mexico. First we hiked down into the crater, and then around the rim. It's supposed to help us acclimate to the altitude. I know the altitude affected some of our crew members, and I was breathing a lot heavier. Monty came with me on that little hike.
Monty hanging out at the volcano
That night we slept at the St. James Express Hotel. It's a historic hotel and twenty-six men have died there. The roof of the dining room is still full of bullet holes.We stayed in the newer section. I think there must have been some bad experiences in the past with scouts, because the staff checked the rooms very thoroughly before and after our stay.
Monty at the St. James Express Hotel
Tomorrow will be our first day at Philmont, and we will check in at Base Camp!