Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 4

Our ranger left us this morning. We hiked to Head of Dean, another staff camp, and arrived around 2:30. We set up the crew part of camp in half an hour. Personal stuff and tents took around fifteen minutes more. I was very pleased. We are definitely improving.
We scheduled to do Challenge Events at 3:30 for an hour. We spent over ninety minutes. The staff-person let us go a little long, for which we were all glad. I really enjoyed the Challenge Events, and I think everyone else really liked them, too. I know they were one of the best parts of the trek in my opinion. There was one event that we were not able to complete. Our whole crew is rather short, and that didn't help. It absolutely drove us crazy that we couldn't finish that one event. At the end, the staff-person said that we tried to think everything out and plan too much.
Head of Dean campsite map
So far, I've lead two of our seven Leave No Trace discussions. I'm on the cleanup crew tonight. At 7:45, there is a short hike up to the fire lookout to watch the sunset. Unfortunately, my first camera battery dies then. Tomorrow is my turn to navigate. We have our conservation project and a food pickup.

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