Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 3

 I have some painful blistering sunburns on the backs of my ears. I also have less severe sunburns everywhere else. Believe me, this is going to remind me to apply sunscreen all the time.
The real Campos Heck campsite
It took us over three hours to break camp, getting up at 5:30. That worries me.
One of my crew members cut his thumb on a tin can while compacting trash. It's a decently deep cut. We cleaned it, treated it, and bandaged it.
Five minutes into our hike, we found the real Campos Heck campsite. It was a perfect site with  lots of nice, smooth grassy areas. There were convenient trees from which to hang bear ropes. There were water tanks. The water still had to be purified, but at least it wasn't from a mucky mud-hole with the skeleton of an elk next to it. We had breakfast and filled water bottles there.
Dean Cow Campsite
Philmont provides Micropur for crews to use. We also brought water filters of our own - a Platypus Gravityworks and an MSR filter. You do not have to wait if you filter water, but Micropur is less work. It is important to avoid any confusion about which water bottles are which if you're using Micropur. We used both types of filter and the Micropur during our trek, depending on the situation.
Monty waiting for Micropur
The hike to Dean Cow wasn't bad and had some good views along the way, and we set up camp in decent time, although we won't be breaking any records anytime soon. Dean Cow is a staff camp and part of their program is rock climbing and rappelling. I did it, but it was absolutely one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. I am very afraid of heights.
We also had a chance to shower and wash clothes today. It's day two on the trail, and we don't need it as bad as we will later on, but I think everyone took advantage of the chance. Later tonight there is volleyball. I'm not playing - I can feel another headache starting. I'm going to just take pictures of everyone.
Today was also the last day with the ranger. Starting tomorrow morning, we are on our own.

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