Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 10

Today was our latest night of the whole trek. We hiked from Ring Place to Seally Canyon. Our naviguesser did a very good job. We were bushwhacking and were only a mile and a half off. We had gone around the wrong side of a peak. That's not bad at all; you hear stories of the crews who get ten miles away from where they are supposed to be.
Seally Canyon is the Search and Rescue Camp. There was a bit of teaching and then we did a pretend S&R scenario, which was fun. They commented that our first aid kit looked well stocked, which made me feel good. After the program we stopped for lunch before continuing on our way.
We hiked across a meadow with two wimdmills - one was full of beautiful water, the other was broken. We took the road all the way to Dan Beard. We decided to have a dry dinner - it was getting pretty late. So at Dan Beard, we turned in the night's dinner into the swap box and ate the next day's lunch. We would get lunch out of the swap box at Ponil the next day.
After we left Dan Beard, there was one super steep hill that we had to hike up. It was about as steep as Baldy, just not as rocky and much shorter. We continued until we reached Cook Canyon, our campsite for the night. We set up camp and got ready for bed.
We were working on the oops bag, and another crew's advisor needed help. For them, it was early in their trek and their ranger had recently left them. Her husband had tripped over some tent lines and broken his fall with both hands. It was suspected that he had broken his hands. We helped her get their oops bags down and up again so she could get some pain medication for him. I hope everything worked out okay for that crew - they weren't very far at all from Dan Beard, so they probably would have talked to staff about that in the morning.
Finally, we all got to sleep.

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