Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 9

This morning I found a pair of sunglasses in the middle of the woods behind Iris Park. I saw the sun shining off of something and when I went to see what  it was, it was someone's sunglasses. Our lead advisor lost her sunglasses in Iris Park, but we never found those.
We found a fossilized leaf near the beginning of our bushwhacking for the day. We also found a glass bottle of uncertain age.
 We arrived at Ring Place around 11:30. We made a food pickup, raided the swap box, and got fresh fruit and milk. It was our smallest pickup, and our last one. We spent a lot of time just talking with staff and dealing with the food pickup.
Then it took us five hours to setup camp. The bear bags were a torture. It was impossible to find good trees. We skipped mountain biking at Whiteman Vega. There's no way we could've made it with the speed of our camp setup. At 4, we only just made it in time to do the daytime programs at Ring Place. These programs, about the history of Ring Place, and about folk weather forecasting, are pretty loose structured. They talk about what you want to know about.
We spent time talking until around 6:30, although program is supposed to end at 5. Then we made dinner. Our advisors left for coffee at 8. The crew cleaned up and finished up the last of everything with the oops bag and putting camp in order for the night in good time.
The astronomy program at 9 was very interesting. At first, we were afraid the clouds would cover the stars, but by the time we got to that part of the program the night sky had cleared up. They had an enormous telescope focused on Saturn. The moon was incredibly bright and drowned out many of the stars. After the program it was pretty late, we were all tired, and we went to bed as quickly as possible.

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