Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 14

We will arrive at home sometime this afternoon. I'm looking forward to my bed, my shower, my family, my cat, and my space. There's so much to tell everyone.
I have enjoyed Philmont so much, even through all the times that tested us. There are times when I should have calmed down more and just let things be; I suppose that's my lesson to learn.
I hate leaving. I know I'm going to showers, beds, no worries about smellables, and not having to care if it's raining or not, but I'd be glad to do it again right now. I'd be even happier to do it again after a few weeks to rest and recuperate. I'm so glad I went to Philmont - it was definitely worth the 18+ months of preparation. I'm thankful for the crew I went with - some of the struggles and frustration would not have been bearable if we couldn't trust each other and laugh together.
I don't want to lose all the memories, skills, and friendships I made at Philmont.

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