Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 13

Our last morning at Philmont, we made it to breakfast at the dining hall. After breakfast we loaded our stuff in the van and checked out of the tents. Then we were gone. One crew member wanted to throw his boots, which were pretty worn out, over the Philmont Scout Ranch sign. I got a good video of him throwing them up there.
We all got our patches before we left - our Wilderness Pledge Award, our Duty to God Award, and our Arrowhead. Since it's the 75th Anniversary, they all have a little 75 somewhere on them in ghost thread.
So we left Philmont today. I've slept most of the ride; I guess I'm just really tired from all the late nights and early mornings. We plan to spend the night in a hotel, which will be nice. Hooray for real beds!

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